INFLPR is organizing The International Conference on Lasers, Plasma, and Radiation – Science and Technology which will be held at Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania, between June 7-10, 2022. More details at https://iclpr-st.inflpr.ro/. 

INFLPR is organizing the event "Opened Doors", between September 26-28, 2022. More details https://portideschise.inflpr.ro/. In the frame of this event the project RO-NO-2019-0498 «Thermochromic VO2 for Energy-Efficient Smart Windows» - Acronim «TEESM» has been presented to the visitors.

 “Researchers' Night” at INFLPR, September 30, 2022

December, 2022: Working stage of team members from  University of Stavanger, Norway, at INFLPR and INFM.


April 19 - June 18, 2023: Ayushi Rai, PhD student at UiS, working stage at INFLPR and INFM.

 “Researchers' Night” at INFLPR, September 29-30, 2023